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Quebecor Fund | Canadian Media Producers Association

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Quebecor Fund


Founded in 2000, the Quebecor Fund contributes to the development of Canadian content production and simultaneously promotes the use of new broadcasting models.

The Quebecor Fund promotes the production of projects including:

  • Canadian content production for television broadcasting. Productions may be for television, film or events.
  • the production of an interactive multimedia component based on said productions that use information and communication technology (ICT), including high-speed Internet, interactive television (ITV), video on demand (VOD) and/or fixed or mobile terminals.

Through its involvement, the Quebecor Fund wishes to develop new broadcasting methods and creative distribution sequencing to expand its Canadian audience.






Through its main televisin production assistance program, known as “MPAP”, the Quebecor Fund supports the Canadian production of television programs with quality content, in French, English and/or Aboriginal languages with the production of an interactive multimedia component using platforms such as interactive television, VOD and/or mobile terminals and, mandatorily, high-speed Internet.

The Quebecor Fund’s objectives are:

  • Financially support the production of original Canadian television programs that offer quality content and are intended for the general public or specific viewers
  • Expand to a wider Canadian audience
  • Foster the development of new television models, including interactive television and programming and Internet content synchronisation, to make the best possible use of creative Canadian resources regarding the creation and distribution of television programs using ICTs
  • Encourage partnerships between the broadcasting, telecommunication and ICT industries for the development of new markets
Upcoming deadlines: October 1 and April 1 of each year, 4 p.m.



Through its Event and Film Production Assistance Program, in collaboration with all sector stakeholders, the Quebecor Fund wants to:

  1. Support the production of French language, Canadian feature films;
  2. Support multiplatform operations of feature films and in particular foster integrated marketing strategies starting from the development stage with an interactive component;
  3. Help the creative and production team remain as close as possible to their original vision when producing their work;  
  4. Support the television coverage of cultural events with French language Canadian content;
  5. Support the coverage of events with an integrated promotion and a distribution provided on multiple platforms including TV on demand;
  6. Promote return on investment to increase its scope of assistance to producers.
Upcoming deadlines: January 27, 2015



Serge Thibaudeau, Chief Executive Officer
Julie Guénette, Programs Coordinator

Telephone: (514) 842-2497
Fax: (514) 524-9192